Does Goo Sometimes Make You Feel Stupid?

Sound Properties, Types, & Facts When workplace sound levels reach or exceed 85 dB, employers must provide hearing protection. A rock concert, at around 125 dB, is pushing the human pain threshold. This identity is based on information gained from frequency transients, noisiness, unsteadiness, perceived pitch and the spread and intensity of overtones in the sound over an extended time frame. The way a sound changes over time provides most of the information for timbre identification. Less noticeable are the different noises heard, such as air hisses for the clarinet and hammer strikes for the piano. From the beginning, David’s focus on the customer experience has set The Sound Room apart. The faster an object vibrates, i.e. the higher the frequency, the higher the pitch of the sound. The difference between the voices of a man and a woman must be clearly evident to you. The voice of a man has a lower frequency which contributes to the deepness of the bass in the voice. Women, in